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bio: ciao, hello... itís tiziano sgarbi... tizio... bob corn .
i live in a little village in northern italyís countryside , where i was born on november the fifth ninteensixtyeight and where i passed all my life till now.. itís more than ten years than i am involved in the rock music scene, doing different things: organizing shows and festivals, booking tours, driving bands around, running a little label. trying to do these things in a real d.i.y way... music and people in the first row... on this website you can find what i-we are doing  and part of what i-we did in the past.. . after some personal things happened, i started to make my own music, writing songs and performing shows, calling my self "bob corn". it was the end of twothousandone... it was something that i had to do. necessary.. . it was even a joke. a serious joke.. . now itís me : i play simple music lines with an acoustic guitar and sing words about people and love... i like to call my music "sad punk"... in these years i put out five records of my own and played many many gigs all around italy and out of this country, sharing the stage with unknown bands as i am or with my favourite artists (mike watt, dinosaur jr, calvin johnson, explosions in the sky, karate, bonnie "prince" billy, sodastream, xiu-xiu, sj esau... many more... yes, i am lucky !). and... iíd like to do it again and again.. . i mean other songs, other records, other shows, other people... so... please, get in touch if you are interested in doing something with me or knowing something more!

Mike Watt: the man in the van with the bass in his hand, bass player in the bands minutemen / firehose / the stooges. On his web site, about a show i played before "mike watt and the secondmen" at the theatre in gradara - www.mikewatt.com 
"... a great cat named tiziano (stage name: "bob corn") opens up the show on solo acoustic guitar and singing - he does some beautiful tunes that are very soulful, dancing skips w/his feet (even though he's sitting) to accompany him..."
unknown guy: i remember this in my mind, after a show i played at "ausland" in Berlin ..
"you miss .. maybe 50, 100, 1000, 10000, 10000000,  yes you miss a lot of whiskeis  then you Ďll be like johnny cash! "
Davide Gualandi: press writer and absolute music-lover - www.absenteedebate.co.nr - my friend giorgia told me he said this going out of the room where i was playing in, at aquaragia in mirandola.
"...oh madonna, bob corn mi fa proprio cagare !!!"
"...oh mother mary, bob corn is a real shit !!!"
Marina Pierri: press writer and fan, review about a record on the web site www.sentireascoltare.com
"... qualcosa di bob corn rientra nellíordine del meraviglioso."
"... something about bob corn fits the concept of marvellous ."
someone on the internet: review about the "belle and sebastian tribute compilation" http://copycommaright.blogspot.com/2006/09/i-need-someone-to-take-some-joy-from.html
"... bob corn, this one is my favorite, which sounds as if it's the product of a love child of Will Oldham and Paolo Conte. Heaven!"